Software Update improves MarCum digital Sonar performance in shallow and deep water

A free firmware update makes it easier to use your MarCum® digital flasher to find and catch fish in both shallow and deep water.

“We made adjustments to our sonar gain curve that improve both shallow-water and deep-water performance,” says MarCum® Products Engineer Rocky Holmes. “Now you’re able to see your bait in less than 10 feet much easier than you were before, and with less screen interference when fishing deep.”

Unlike most ice-fishing flashers – which just get older with time – MarCum’s LX-6, LX-6s and LX-7 digital sonar units get better over time, thanks to free firmware upgrades such as the one recently released and available at this link.

“We’re always working on upgrades, whether it’s a performance tweak or new features,” Holmes explains. “You’re always going to be able to upgrade them to make your digital MarCum sonar even better at finding fish than on the day you bought it.”

After installing the free firmware update, “you’ll be able to see your jig on your screen when it’s about two and a half feet deep,” Holmes says. That will be a great help to anglers when fish are biting in shallow water. In deep water, the new firmware update cleans up screen resolution by eliminating some transducer interference “noise,” Holmes explains. “It was minimal interference – you were always able to fish through and still use it – but we made some improvements.”

MarCum is the only ice-fishing-centric electronics manufacturer that makes digital units that can be upgraded to add features and improve performance. LX-6, LX-6s and LX-7 owners can install the free firmware updates in a matter of minutes from the comfort of their own homes.

“Like on our smartphones and laptops, software updates include performance tweaks that improve upon MarCum’s proven products and level of performance,” Holmes says. “And it couldn’t be easier – just follow the instructions on the website and your digital unit will be better than ever in no time.”

MarCum’s firmware upgrades often follow customer feedback. “We get a lot of great suggestions from anglers who spend a lot of time on the ice, and a lot of those ideas are incorporated into our updates,” Holmes says.

Update System Requirements

The upgrades are available via download from MarCum’s website, The LX-6, LX-6s and LX-7 update requires a PC computer with 2.0 USB port and a 2.0 USB cable. Do not attempt an upgrade without 2.0 port or cable.

Click this link to find the exact download and upgrade instructions for your MarCum unit.

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