MarCum Sonar Storage Tips

MarCum Sonar Storage Tips

MarCum’s line of mechanical flashers and their new all-digital sonar units require very little maintenance and preparation for storage. To ensure your MarCum works as expected next winter, follow this short check list to ensure your unit will come out of summer storage working properly and ready to hit the ice.

Summer battery maintenance
When it comes to ice electronics, just about any performance issue you might ever encounter can be traced back to an improperly charged or stored battery.

Over time, lead-acid batteries lose their charge. And during extended periods of neglect in storage, even the highest quality battery can be permanently damaged.

“Damaged batteries may refuse to take a charge,” cautions ICE FORCE Pro-Staffer Joel Nelson. “Or worse, they may appear to take a charge, only to fail after a short period of use out on the ice.”

To avoid damage to your battery during summer storage, remember to charge your battery every 30 to 60 days. “Doing so will ensure your battery will provide reliable service for years to come,” Nelson says.

When your MarCum is not in use disconnect its battery.  Doing so ensures that the battery won’t be subjected to a stray current draw that could slowly drain its charge over time.

Your unit’s transducer is designed to provide years of dependable service. That is, as long as it’s used and cared for properly out in the field. Unfortunately, too many anglers treat this critical component more like a wrecking ball (using it to bash open iced-over holes), than the highly refined piece of electrical equipment it is.

Mistreatment of a transducer can, over time, cause it to lose some of its ability to detect faint signals, which will have a noticeable impact on your MarCum’s ability to display fine details. If you’re starting to notice that your unit just isn’t as sensitive as it used to be, you’re likely in need of a new transducer. They are available for order at There’s no time like the present to replace this critical piece of equipment.

Odds N’ Ends
Before putting your MarCum to bed for the summer, give it a close inspection, looking for lost “small parts” like gimbal knobs, snow shields or transducer cord grommets.  Any of these small parts can be easily misplaced in the field and seeking a replacement now guarantees you’ll have your MarCum ready for action at the start of the next ice season.  

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