get your limit of panfish fast with VMC® Tungsten Mongo Jigs

Looking to turn your panfish presentation from dud to deadly? Dress a VMC® Mongo Jig with your favorite plastic to fill a fast limit of jumbo perch, slab crappie or bull bluegills.

Molded from high-density tungsten, Mongo Jigs offer the same weight as traditional lead jigs, at half the size. Available in small-profile 1/32nd and 1/16th oz versions, they drop through the water column like a fish-seeking missile to keep a hot-bite on fire.

“Because tungsten sinks much faster than lead, Mongo Jigs will get back down to biting fish noticeably quicker than your standard lead-head jig,” says In-Depth Outdoors TV host James Holst. “There’s always one guy in the group that can’t get his bait back to the bottom in time when the bite is fast and furious. You don’t want to be that guy.”

Intelligent hook design ensures lookers become biters. VMC’s exclusive Power Gap hooks feature a wider round gap than other micro-jigs of equal weight, greatly increasing hook-up percentages. “This isn’t your typical panfish jig built around some re-purposed mamby pamby fly hook that’s practically impossible to rig with plastics,” Holst says. Additionally, a 90-degree hook eye ensures optimal horizontal position of the Mongo Jig, allowing ice anglers to convert more hits into solid hooksets and lose fewer fish at the hole.

Mongo Jigs are available in 6 Ultra Glow color patterns (Glow, Glow Chartreuse, Glow Red, Green Orange Glow, Pink Chartreuse Glow, Orange Chartreuse Glow) and two natural-bait patterns (Crappie Minnow, Mayfly). The Glow colors provide up to 15 minutes of continuous charge.

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