New Proven Custom Colors Will Trigger Big Bites When Using the Rapala® Slab Rap® or the Rippin’ Rap®

Imagine creating a slew of new unique colors that will trigger endless bites. Well, imagine no more, because the Rapala® Slab Rap® is now available in four new proven custom colors.

A lipless crankbait with a sleek, streamlined profile and a finesse-style fall, the Slab Rap is now available in the following four proven custom colors.

Fruit Punch – Black-purple back, pink-orange belly, chartreuse head with pink sides featuring four thick, black baitfish ovals.

Glow Pink Squirrel – White back, white belly, cotton-candy pink tail and head, and white sides featuring four black baitfish spots.

Glow Slimy Lime – Chartreuse back and belly, day-glow-green head and throat, and chartreuse sides featuring four large, black baitfish spots.

Headspin – Chartreuse back, purple belly, pink head, and chartreuse sides featuring seven vertical, black baitfish stripes.

Even the biggest, baddest gamefish will sometimes feed more on fry and young-of-year baitfish than larger, mature minnows. So matching the hatch in such times often means scaling down from a larger lipless crankbait, like a Rippin’ Rap, to a smaller Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap® or Slab Rap®.

Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps are essentially smaller (sizes No. 3 & No. 4) Rippin’ Raps. And like their No. 5-7 big brothers, it flutters on the drop with a hard-vibrating action accented by a loud, distinctive BB rattle system. Slab Raps, on the other hand, are designed with a bit different lipless look. They feature a sleek, streamlined profile and fall with a less aggressive, finesse-style flutter.

Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps fall much faster than Slab Raps. They often work best when fish are fired up and feeding actively. But fish frustrated by a cold front or unseasonably cool water temps will often react better to a Slab Rap.

A 2-inch Slab Rap weighs 1/4 oz. The 1-½ inch model weighs 1/8 oz. Including the four new offerings, they’re available in 14 total color patterns. Slab Raps feature super sharp VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks.

A No. 3 Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap weighs 1/16 oz. and measures 1-1/8 inch. A No. 4 measures 1-½ inch and weighs 3/16 oz. Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps feature super sharp VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks.

Check with your local retailer for availability.

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