StrikeMaster Auger Storage Tips

StrikeMaster Ice Auger Storage Tips

As winter’s grip on the Ice Belt starts to slip, the moment when we punch our last hole for the season draws ever nearer. Many of us will hold out as long as there’s safe ice to support our weight, but the outcome is inevitable.

When it comes time to call an end to your ice-fishing season, don’t overlook the need to provide proper care to your StrikeMaster auger before putting it in storage for the summer. Follow these few simple steps, and you’ll ensure your auger remains the fastest and most reliable on the ice.

The first steps for storing any Strikemaster auger, whether it’s an Electra Lazer, hand auger or power auger, are to spray the blades with oil and then attach the blade cover. A thin covering of oil will prevent rust from forming on the edge of the blade. The blade cover will protect the fine cutting edge from impact.  Follow these two simple tips and your blade will be as sharp at the start of the next season as it was at the end of this one.

There are two different ways to “summerize” your Strikemaster – dry-tank storage or wet-tank storage.

Dry-Tank Storage
Run fresh fuel with added stabilizer through the engine. This will prevent build up of varnish from fuel residue.

Do note that running the engine dry may cause the carburetor components to dry out, warp, swell or crack. In addition the needle may stick open or shut.

Wet-Tank Storage
Make sure to fill your gas tank at least 1/4 full with fresh, stabilized fuel. Run the engine for five to 10 minutes to insure even distribution of stabilized fuel throughout the carburetor and fuel system. Once complete, shut off the motor and open the fuel cap slightly to reduce the chance of pressure or swollen tank.

For optimal storage, run your engine once a month for 5-10 minutes.

General Maintenance
Have you cleaned and re-oiled your air filter every three months or 25 operating hours? Have you checked your spark plugs every 100 operating hours? Now is a great time to do so.

You should store your Strikemaster power auger in an upright position, hanging from a wall bracket. A wall bracket can be purchased from the Strikemaster website. Be sure to store it in a cool, dry place.

If you own an Electra Lazer, be sure to charge the battery once a month over the course of the summer to maintain battery life.


  1. I purchased a Strike Master Mag 2000 – 2HP – Model TMO 49XA – Tecumseh – DOM: 7264CA. It has always been hard starting and slow to warmup – i experimented with hotter Champion plugs and currently run a CJ8 – it came with a CJ6. It seemed to start easier and warm up faster. In January 2012 the carb was replaced with a new one. The old one was leaking fuel. Cost $100.00. Now I find it will not start and I fear the carb has an issue. I have always followed the Storage instructions in the manual that came with the auger! I find that the dry storage technique which I follow to the letter is a “BAD” way to store the auger! I am extremely unhappy with this latest problem. I think Strike Master should help me out with this latest problem!

    -Gary Walworth

  2. i have never drained gas on any thing till i got my new auger . even put it in a old frezzer . and yep it would not run . ( real glad it didn’t as the carb kit with the new screen that is bigger and a new gov spring it runs so much better than ever my first hole of thousands i was giggiling like a little girl as i was trying to hold it from cutting so fast !} but any way from now it it will be stored wet with fuel stabilizer . i do havea question any thing i should do to the gear box ? re oil ect?

    • As long as they’re not 2-cycle engines; if you run a 2-cycle engine out of gas you’re running it out of oil too.

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