Few can improve on perfection like MarCum®, but the brand has done it again this year with new flasher-sonar displays that prevents snow buildup and increases viewing angles, allowing easy sight lines from all sides on its traditional flashers.

“MarCum’s legendary performance has improved yet again,” says ICE FORCE pro Tony Roach. “Already having forever changed the game of hunting fish on frozen water, MarCum’s still improving the angler experience in ways you’ll appreciate immediately in both a shelter and out on open ice.”

In addition to increased viewing angles and anti-snow enhancements, the three units in MarCum’s flasher lineup now offer a larger display — the MarCum LX-5i, LX-3tci and VX-1i.

MarCum LX-5i Flasher
The most advanced flasher-sonar ever built, the Marcum LX-5i offers dazzlingly bright and crisp color images of the bottom, vegetation, fish, baitfish and your lure, all displayed with the highest resolution available.

No other flasher can match the LX-5i’s 2,500 watts of power, patented Moveable Zoom and Super Fine Line technology, which improves screen resolution and enhances target separation to a razor–thin 3/4 inch.

“Super Fine Line display allows you to determine a fish’s mood and adjust your jigging stroke accordingly,” Roach explains. “A unit with sub-par target separation will show a single, blocky bar when a fish is within inches of your bait. So, if that fish backs off slightly, you won’t see that reaction on an inferior flasher.”

A precision-tuned dual beam transducer allows you to switch between 8-degree and 20-degree cone angles for deep and shallow water use. Moveable Zoom allows you to hone-in on any segment of the water column. A patented industry-best 12-level interference rejection system knocks out competing “noise” from nearby sonar units, so you can fish in a group with no problems.

MarCum LX-3tci Flasher
When you compare all the specs of the MarCum LX-3tci to other flashers in its class, on paper, it beats them in all categories. The real proof, though, is in actual on-the-ice performance.

Featuring 1.5-inch target separation in default mode and 1-inch target separation in zoom mode, the LX-3tci excels at identifying both bottom-hugging Walleyes and schools of suspended Crappies.

The LX-3tci features 2,000 watts of power, three-color True Color LED display, a patented Moveable Zoom, a 20-degree transducer and a patented 12-level interference-rejection system. TrueColor technology makes for the sharpest, most detailed display possible.

MarCum VX-1i Flasher
MarCum’s entry-level flasher, the VX-1i offers performance, features and pricing the competition can’t match, including a split screen bottom lock zoom , 2-inch target separation, three-color blended LEDs, a 20-degree transducer and a patented interference-rejection system.

Boasting 1,000 watts of power, the VX-1i is a fish-finding powerhouse. Capable of producing incredible detail, it will help anglers fish tiny jigs in deep water and find fish hiding in thick cover.The VX-1i’s six-level interference-rejection system cleans up stray signals from nearby electronics, making it not only possible, but enjoyable, to fish in a group on the ice.

All MarCum flashers include padded softpacks, rechargeable 12-volt batteries and three-stage automatic battery chargers.

For more information on MarCum Technologies, visit And, be sure to check out MarCum on Facebook at for the latest tips and tricks to take your ice fishing game to the next level.

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