Finding a hot spot has never been easier, thanks to the innovative technology of the revolutionary MarCum® RT-9®, a rugged, touchscreen Android tablet that offers anglers GPS, sonar and underwater camera displays on a single, handheld device.

“We use wireless tablets every day to inform ourselves and enrich our experience,” says MarCum Pro-Staffer Brad Hawthorne. “There’s no reason that should change when we are fishing. And it’s no surprise this challenge would be met by MarCum, the innovator that first married sonar and underwater camera displays on a single screen with the LX-9.”

MarCum’s new RT-9 bundles the brains, bells and whistles of an LX-9 into a customizable, GPS-enabled tablet that can not only display Navionics® maps, but also play games, music and movies, and run apps on its nine-inch touchscreen.

“Sure, you can bring an iPad® or Kindle® onto the ice or into the boat, but they are not waterproof and cannot run your depth finder and underwater camera,” says Hawthorne “The RT-9 delivers all the electronics an angler needs on the ice or water, without the worry of drops, spills or chills.”

For reassurance of MarCum’s confidence in the RT-9’s durability, look no further than it’s name – RT stands for “Ruggedized Tablet.” Boasting sturdy bumpers and an environmental rating that accounts for water, dust and shock, the product is splash-proof, snow-proof and drop-proof, due to the specially designed gaskets that seal all inputs and outputs.

Three data-input ports allow anglers to customize the RT-9 to meet their fishing needs. Each port connects the tablet to an interchangeable sonar or camera module.

“Because everyone fishes differently, the RT-9 was designed to meet every angler’s needs,” says Hawthorne “With three ports, you can mix and match modules to see exactly what – and how – you want to underwater.”

Anglers can connect up to two ice sonar modules with one camera module, or two camera modules with one ice sonar module, to monitor three holes on one screen.

Mix and Match modules
The RT-9 Sonar Module Ice Ducer contains a dual-beam (8- and 20-degree) ice transducer that provides the full feature set of MarCum’s stand-alone digital sonar units – multi-dimensional selectable views (circular flasher display, vertical display or chart display), on-screen temperature and depth display.

You get the full suite of features of an LX-6, LX-7 or LX-9, but the  difference is the user experience is enhanced with the touchscreen interface, versus a menu of buttons. Slider bars regulate settings such as sensitivity settings and interference rejection.

The RT-9 Camera Module Kit gives you complete control of a Sony Super HAD II, 1/3-inch CCD sensor color camera with OSD (relative direction, depth and water temperature). Touch-screen slider bars control the direction of the underwater camera.

The RT-9 Sonar Module Open Water contains a dual-beam (8- and 20-degree), open-water transducer that provides open-water depth and water temperature. The open-water transducer is beveled to allow for easy mounting underneath a trolling motor but can also be transom-mounted.

9-inch touchscreen, SD Slots
The RT-9’s nine-inch touchscreen features full Android capability, including pinch-to-zoom and scroll. Built into the tablet’s rugged body are a DVR, 8GB of digital storage, an internal battery, speakers, an earphone jack and two micro-SD slots — one to run 2D or 3D Navionics map programs, and another for video-capture storage or entertainment data. Wheelhouse anglers can use an HDMI cable to link the RT-9 to a flat-screen TV.

Paired with a Navionics map chip, the RT-9 will do all the things that you’re used to in handheld or open-water GPS-enabled sonar units, including color shading for depth zones, you-are-here cursor, waypoints, routes, tracks and more. You can display your map on the full screen or on one side of the screen, with your sonar or underwater camera display on the other side.

RT-9 Performance Pack
MarCum had ice anglers in mind when it designed the RT-9 Performance Pack, which includes a metal docking shuttle, quick-release bracket and mounting accessories, allowing for both compact storage and efficient portability. Both RAM and gimble-mount options are built into the unit.

RAM-mount it on your four-wheeler, UTV, truck or sled while getting onto the ice, then pop it off and rack it in the shuttle to hole hop with GPS, sonar and a camera displays at your fingertips.

Combo Package
The RT-9 Sonar-GPS Combo package comprises the GPS-enabled RT-9 tablet, a Sonar Module Ice Ducer and a Performance Pack. Sonar and camera modules are also sold separately, allowing your RT-9 system to grow with you as you evolve as an angler.

The RT-9 is available also without any modules or the Performance Pack, but purchasing the combo will save you $100 over purchasing the tablet, Performance Pack and Ice Sonar module separately

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