Store Your Strikemaster® Auger Correctly In The Off-Season

When you hang up the ice rods this spring, remember to hang up your power auger too — literally.

“To ensure optimal performance next winter, you’re going to want to store your gas-powered StrikeMaster augers in an upright position, hanging from a wall bracket in a cool, dry place,” advises Jason Culp, StrikeMaster® Lead Technician

Custom-made wall brackets are available for purchase via StrikeMaster’s website.

Before hanging up your auger you’re going to want to prepare your fuel. Culp recommends the following wet-tank storage-prep process:

• Fill your tank to1/4 full with fresh, stabilized fuel.
• Run your engine for five to 5 minutes (This will ensure even distribution of stabilized fuel throughout the carburetor and fuel system)
• After 5 minutes, shut down the motor and then slightly twist open your fuel cap. (This will prevent a pressure build-up that could cause the tank to swell.

To ensure the best performance from a gas-powered auger next season, you should run your engine once a month for five minutes throughout this off-season.

“Once or month or so when you’re out in the garage to get the lawn mower, pull down your auger and fire it up,” Culp says. “If you can make a habit of that, you’ll get more life out of your auger.”

Electric- and battery-powered augers don’t need to be hung up in the off-season, but should be stored out of high-traffic areas to prevent damage from tipping over. To ensure the best performance next winter for battery-powered StrikeMaster models, charge your battery back to full charge once a month over the course of the off-season.

Blade-Care Tips
Your auger’s blades require a modicum of preventative medicine heading into the off-season as well. Spraying your auger’s blades with a thin sheen of oil will ensure that your auger will be as fast and reliable next winter as it was this year.

After applying the oil, which will prevent rust from forming on your blade edges, re-attach your blade cover. Be sure your cover’s on tight, in order to prevent your blade’s cutting edges from accidental contact.

“Follow these steps and your blade will be as sharp at the start of the next season as it was at the end of this one,” Culp says,

You should also clean your auger’s air filter if you haven’t done so in the last three months.

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