VMC® Tungsten Mongo and Tubby Jigs Available in 6 New Color Patterns

VMC® Tungsten Tubby Jigs and Tungsten Mongo Jigs are available now in six new Ultra Glow color patterns – Glow Fire Tiger, Glow Hot Perch, Glow Purpledescent, Glow Parrot, Glow Tiger and Glow Yellow Perch. Ultra Glow technology enables the jigs to hold a glow-charge for as long as 15 minutes.

Perhaps the perfect panfish jig, the Tungsten Tubby Jig boasts a super-fast drop speed,
allowing ice anglers to deliver their favorite natural and soft-plastic baits to the strike zone faster. Tungsten Mongo Jigs offer the same weight as traditional lead jigs, at half the size, enabling them to drop through the water column like a fish-seeking missile to keep a hot bite on fire.

Tungsten Tubby Jig

Tungsten Mongo Jig

Tungsten construction is what allows both Tubby Jigs and Mongo Jigs to fall faster than lead jigs – an important feature when a hungry school moves in. Because tungsten sinks much faster than lead, even a tiny tungsten jig will get back down to biting fish noticeably quicker than a standard lead-head jig.

Tungsten Tubby Jigs are available in three sizes, two per pack: 1/64 oz. (size 14 hook); 1/32 oz. (size 12 hook); 1/16 oz. (size 10 hook). Tungsten Mongo Jigs are available in two sizes, two per pack: 1/32nd oz. (size 10 hook) and 1/16th oz. (size 8 hook). Each jig is available in eight additional color patterns.

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