Diehard ice anglers rely on StrikeMaster® Solo® 2-stroke augers

For diehard ice anglers who won’t wait for bites to come to them, there’s three choices of Solo-powered StrikeMaster 2-stroke augers: Lazer™ Mag, Lazer™ Pro and Chipper Magnum. Each sports a stealthy new look, wrapped in a sleek, black cowling, to easily distinguish them from ordinary two-stroke augers.

“Where other companies will use lower-quality powerheads made in China, StrikeMaster uses German-engineered Solo motors on its 2-stroke augers,” says ICE FORCE Pro Tony Roach, an in-demand Minnesota fishing guide. “You’ll drill more holes in less time with a StrikeMaster Solo-powered auger. They’re the fastest, lightest, most powerful augers on the ice.”

For anglers that primarily run and gun, punching dozens of holes like Roach, a famed “ice troller,” StrikeMaster’s Lazer Mag and Lazer Pro augers will fit the bill. A StrikeMaster Chipper Magnum will best serve anglers who often re-open holes in a hard-side ice house or on a body of water where sand or other debris in the ice will quickly dull shaver-style blades.

The gold standard of ice auger motors, the Solo powerhead produces ice-shredding torque and horsepower from a proven design that’s guaranteed to provide years of reliable service.

StrikeMaster uses high-end materials to keep the weight of their augers significantly lighter than the competition. Polymer gear casting yields lightweight power, and its VANDAR long-filament high-impact handles make for comfortable operation for anglers who spend long days on the ice.

StrikeMaster® Lazer Mag & Lazer Pro
Roach drills hundreds of holes and stays on the move, fishing multiple productive spots much in the same way he would in the open-water season. When “ice trolling” like this, Roach relies on a Solo-powered StrikeMaster Lazer auger.

“My Lazer helps me keep up with the fish when they’re on the move,” he says. “With a heavier and slower-cutting auger, it would be hard to stay on a bite.”

Both the Lazer Mag and Lazer Pro feature twin, stainless steel Lazer blades made by Mora ICE of Sweden. No blades are sharper or cut as fast. The Lazer Pro cuts a little faster, as it comes with a 54 cc, 3-horsepower motor. The Lazer Mag runs on a 42 cc, 2.5-hp motor.

For anglers on the move like Roach, power and cutting speed are not the only important considerations. Weight is important too. That’s why StrikeMaster augers are made lighter than their major competitors, often by a significant amount. Fit with 8-inch drills, both the Lazer Mag and Lazer Pro weigh only 26 pounds.

StrikeMaster® Chipper Magnum
Powered by an economical Solo 2-stroke, 42cc, 2.5 Horsepower motor with a two-year warranty, StrikeMaster’s Chipper Magnum augers feature Swedish-made boron steel chipper blades that make short work of re-opening frozen-over holes.

“If you’re looking for a powerful, dependable chipper with high speed, this is your auger,” Roach says.

A 40:1 transmission with American-made components and heat-treated steel gears ensures smooth and speedy operation. Fitted with an 8 1/4-inch bit, the Chipper Magnum weighs in at a scant 25 pounds. Need a bigger hole? No problem. Upsize to a 10 1/4-inch bit, and the total package still only weighs 28 pounds.

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