Off-season care will ensure auger performance next winter

The ice is out and your auger’s indoors. But don’t leave it leaning in a corner of the garage and forget about it. Follow these maintenance tips to ensure your StrikeMaster® will be as fast and reliable next ice season as it was this winter.

Check Your Blades
Before storing your auger, apply a light coat of oil to its blades, blade bolts and blade carriage. This will prevent rust build-up, which can dull your blades and slow down cutting speed.

It’s best to apply oil to all the parts mentioned above after removing your blades. If you notice any significant nicks or chips on them, order replacement blades here. Your auger’s blades can be razor sharp, so take caution when removing them. After applying oil, reinstall your blades and attach the blade guard.

Wet Shutdown
Before storing a gas-powered StrikeMaster® auger, you’ll want to conduct what’s called a “wet shutdown.” Here’s how:

  • With a ¼ tank of fresh, stabilized fuel, run your motor for five to 10 minutes. This will ensure even distribution of stabilized fuel throughout the carburetor and fuel system.
  • Empty your tank of remaining fuel to prevent damage to plastic parts, but do not run your engine out of fuel. Leaving fresh, stabilized fuel in the carburetor will keep components from drying out.
  • Find a cool, dry place where your auger can rest in an upright position – hanging up is good. 4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 once a month throughout the open-water season.

Electra Lazer Battery Maintenance
Have a StrikeMaster® Electra Lazer auger? Charge your battery once a month during the off-season. You too will want to find a cool, dry place with room for upright storage.

4-stroke Maintenance Adjustments
Because 4-stroke engines employ more moving parts than do 2-stroke engines, consider a preventative adjustment on your Honda™ 35cc LITE‘s powerhead. It’s advisable to have its valve lash adjusted once a year by an authorized Honda mechanic. Find an authorized service center here. Without periodic adjustment, your Honda 35CC LITE’s performance can wane.

When today’s open water turns to ice next winter, you’ll be glad you followed these simple instructions, which will extend the overall life of your StrikeMaster ice auger. For more helpful tips, visit StrikeMaster’s video library here.

More questions? Visit StrikeMaster’s website here.

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