Put Christmas-card money toward new ice-fishing tools

What great timing — it’s almost cold enough to ice fish and you’ve got Christmas-card cash burning a hole in your pocket! Parlay that yuletide good fortune into success on the ice with the addition of one or more of the following ICE FORCE® tools to your winter-fishing arsenal. Continue reading



Put Your Christmas-Card Cash To Good Use — Get What You Really Wanted

Santa didn’t get your list? Spouse didn’t get your hints? If you didn’t find what you really wanted under the tree, make the most of your Christmas-card cash and gift cards and add to your ice-fishing arsenal with a new StrikeMaster auger or MarCum digital fish-finder. Continue reading



Replace Your Auger’s Fuel, Oil, Before First Ice

StrikeMaster Prepping Your Auger Before First Ice

Before your yard’s last mow this fall, fill your LawnBoy with the gas left in your StrikeMaster auger.

“When the days shorten and the nights chill, that’s my cue to feed my old auger gas to the lawnmower and weed whipper,” says ICE FORCE Pro James Holst, host of In-Depth Outdoors TV on the Fox Sports North channel. “I don’t care if they don’t run. If they don’t, I might get out of some yard work!” Continue reading