Cut All the Holes You Need with the StrikeMaster® Lithium 40v Auger

When your job depends on putting fish on the ice, you can’t cut corners. But you can cut all the holes you need with the StrikeMaster® Lithium 40v electric auger.

“It doesn’t matter if its 30-below or 30-above, this thing rips,” says ICE FORCE® Pro Staffer Tony Roach, and in-demand guide on Minnesota’s famed fishery, Mille Lacs Lake. “I can get a ton of holes out of it on a single charge. It seems like it never runs out of battery power.”

Brad Hawthorne, another in-demand guide on Mille Lacs, lauds the Lithium 40v’s reliability and toughness. “In two years of testing and guide use, the StrikeMaster 40v has never failed me,” he says. “It is the most durable auger on the market today.”

James Holst, an ICE FORCE Pro Staffer and host of the influential In-Depth Outdoors TV show, says the Lithium 40v offers the “perfect combination” of convenience and durability.

“There’s no more waiting for augers to warm up, no more hard starts, no more messing around with gas and oil,” says Holst, who films and airs on Fox Sports North a new ice-fishing show every week during the hardwater season. You put the battery in place and as soon as you push the go button, it’s ready to drill. I haven’t touched a gas auger in over a year, and I’m never going back.”

A Lithium 40v will suit the needs of every style of ice angler, Holst says. “It’s the perfect auger for any angler – from the guy that fishes in a wheelhouse to the angler that’s out there running and gunning,” he says.

Harnessing the most modern technology available, StrikeMaster’s Lithium 40v auger can cut an impressive 100 8-inch holes, or 70 10-inch holes, on a single charge (based on repeated tests through 16 inches of ice).

“StrikeMaster’s Lithium 40v cuts through more ice on a single charge than any other auger,” says ICE FORCE Pro Staffer Pat McSharry, an on-camera guide for In-Depth Outdoors TV.

A removable 40-volt, 5-amp-hour Lithium Ion battery powers an electric DC brushless motor that provides reliable, consistent speed and torque from hole to hole without reduced power or slow-down from waning battery. A planetary gear system provides lightweight durability and high-power density for unmatched performance.

Innovative, high-performance cutting via StrikeMaster’s legendary twin serrated stainless steel Lazer™ blades gives the Lithium 40v the fastest cutting edge, period. Forward/reverse controls allow for easy switching from cutting to flushing slush. Custom impact-resistant handles feature ergonomically placed opposing deadman/power switch and built-in LED lights.

Featuring an 4-LED charge indicator for easy battery-level checks, the Lithium 40v comes with a fast-charging, 2-amp charger capable of restoring full power in 2 ½ hours. A limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on motor, battery and charger provide piece of mind.

Check your local dealer for inventory.

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