StrikeMaster® Lithium 24v Auger Delivers the Light, Mobile Power You Need

When ice anglers requested a lighter, more mobile battery-powered auger, StrikeMaster® delivered with the new Lithium 24v, a tough “little brother” to its legendary 40v auger.

“After last season, drilling thousands of holes with both the 40v and the 24v, I was so impressed with the all-season performance of the 24v,” said ICE FORCE® Pro Staffer Tony Roach, an in-demand guide on Minnesota’s famed fishery, Lake Mille Lacs.  “Don’t get me wrong the 40v has been my go-to for years, but the 24v is so light, so fast, I found myself drilling with the 24v from early ice to late ice and loved it!” – Roach enthusiastically added.

Fitted with an 8-inch auger, StrikeMaster’s new Lithium 24v weighs 14.3 pounds and can punch as many as 50 holes on a single charge. Fitted with a 6-inch auger, a Lithium 24v weighs only 13.3 pounds and can punch as many as 65 holes on a single charge. Punch performance results are based on repeated tests through 16 inches of ice.

“Rest assured, this auger is built to handle the roughest and coldest conditions and keep cutting holes with ease,” Roach said.

“Take care of your battery – don’t leave it outside all night, for one – and your 24v will drill at peak performance in all conditions.  And it’s worth buying an extra battery to give yourself a backup tank of gas.

Boasting stable ergonomic handling in the lightest, most compact package in its class, the Lithium 24v auger comes standard with a 24-volt/4 amp-hour Lithium-Ion battery and a lightweight LiteFlite Lazer Drill unit, available in 6- and 8-inch-diameter models.

The StrikeMaster Lithium 24v powerhead includes an electric DC brushless motor., a 50:1 gear-ratio planetary gear system, forward and reverse, a power button with a deadman safety switch, and impact-resistant long-filament handles.

The StrikeMaster Lithium 24v auger power system includes:
• Internal battery-management system to ensure battery longevity.
• 3-LED battery status indicator.
• 2-amp charging station that brings a battery from empty to full charge within two hours.

Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Units feature an impressive suite of cutting-edge features, including full-length, segmented synthetic-resin-molded flighting; twin serrated stainless steel Lazer blades; a carriage formed from exclusive engineered compounds; a reinforced “T” connection to the carriage, via heavy-duty steel hex shaft; and a power point specially engineered to keep the drill unit in place.

StrikeMaster® – Over 40 Years of Electric
Finding and catching the fish of a lifetime through the ice no longer requires burning gas. After introducing the first electric auger in 1977, StrikeMaster in 2017 revolutionized ice fishing again with its Lithium 40v.

StrikeMaster’s tradition of redefining augers and drill units – without sacrificing the reliability consumers are used to – continues with the introduction of the StrikeMaster Lithium 24v auger. StrikeMaster celebrates the revolution that it’s leading in battery-powered ice fishing, and defining what peak performance is all about when drilling on the ice.

“The future of ice fishing is battery-powered,” Roach said. “No more gas and oil required. No more hard starting. No more lugging around a heavy auger.”

The new StrikeMaster® Lithium 24v auger is available through leading ice fishing tackle retailers.

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