Lasso up bronco panfish with new VMC® Tungsten Bullfly Jigs

Give bronco panfish a 8-second ride onto the ice this winter with VMC’s new Tungsten Bullfly Jig. Its extra-long and bulky body and its goose-feather tail and wings will entice bites from the biggest bulls in any panfish herd.

“VMC® has created a spot-on invertebrate imitator that will fool even the most wary panfish,” says Ice Force Pro James Holst, host of the influential In-Depth Outdoors TV show.

Tungsten-construction allows the Bullfly Jig to fall faster than lead jigs – an important feature when a hungry school moves in. “Because tungsten sinks much faster than lead, even a tiny tungsten jig will get back down to biting fish noticeably quicker than the standard lead-head jig,” Holst says.

The Bullfly Jig’s intelligent hook design ensures lookers become biters. Its Power Gap hook features a wider round gap than other micro-jigs of equal weight, greatly increasing hook-up percentages. A 90-degree hook eye ensures optimal horizontal position of the jig, allowing you to convert more hits into solid hooksets and lose fewer fish at the hole.


Tungsten Bullfly Jigs come two per pack, in three sizes: 1/64th oz. (No. 12 hook), 1/32nd oz. (No. 10 hook) and 1/16th oz. (No. 8 hook). They come in nine color patterns, including four metallic finishes and five Ultra Glow patterns. The Ultra Glow jigs provide up to 15 minutes of continuous charge.

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