New Sufix® V-Coat Lines Refuse to Freeze for an Exceptional Rattle Reel Ice Fishing Experience

Ready to rattle up some trophy crappies, pike and walleyes this upcoming ice fishing season?

For the ultimate rattle reel performance, spool up one of Sufix’s new V-Coat lines. Both Sufix® Rattle Reel V-Coat and Sufix Rattle Reel Metered V-Coat lines feature vinyl coating for extreme anti-freezing, water-proofing and cold-weather handling.

Sufix V-Coat rattle reel lines are engineered for low stretch, robust durability and abrasion resistance. Excellent line-management properties reduce tangling when retrieving your catch.

The two new Sufix V-Coat rattle reel lines are identical in every way but one – Rattle Reel Metered V-Coat is metered every 50 yards for consistent multi-rattle reel spooling.

Both lines are available in four colors (black, hot pink, neon lime, neon fire) and two strengths (20 and 30-pound test).  Sufix Rattle Reel Metered V-Coat is available in 50-yard spools, and the bulk metered version is in 150-yard spools so an angler can spool up 3 rattle reels with one spool consistently.

Both are available at leading ice fishing tackle retailers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as at

See Sufix® Rattle Reel V-Coat

See Sufix® Rattle Reel Metered V-Coat

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