the all-in-one solution For the ice angler on the go

Compact, lightweight and long-lasting, MarCum®’s new Lithium Shuttle can extend a sonar unit’s continuous run time as much as 40 hours. Designed to power MarCum’s new M-Series units and LX-6s and LX-7 digital sonar systems, it includes a 12-volt, 12-amp hour Lithium ION polymer battery.

“For the ice angler on the go, this is an all-in-one solution like no other,” says ICE FORCE® pro Brad Hawthorne, an in-demand Minnesota guide. “Not only does it extend your fishing time much longer than we’ve ever seen before, but it’s also self contained — everything you need is onboard that shuttle.”

The battery re-charges fast when connected to the unit’s included 3-amp hour charger. Additional powered features in the shuttle include: LED lighting positioned to illuminate the ice hole and charge glow lures; dual USB Power Ports; a battery status indicator and two 1/4-20 ports to accommodate additional accessories. Battery life will vary by use, settings, configuration and additional factors.

“It was a stroke of genius to incorporate a built-in light into the Shuttle,” Hawthorne says. “It puts out just the right amount of light to illuminate your hole right where you need it.”

The Lithium Shuttle features an articulating handle with locking spokes that adjust to fit most ice-sonar systems. Mounting holes are pre-drilled to attach a gimbal bracket (not included). An inverted transducer rest eliminates freeze up.

Additional features on the Shuttle’s carriage include dual rod holders, integrated cable storage and grips and dual transducer support-arm mounts (one transducer support arm is included). It comes with a 5-gallon bucket for safe storage during travel to, and on, the ice.

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