Before first ice, re-spool your reels with fresh Sufix® line

Because ice-fishing reels are so small, it’s important to spool up fresh Sufix® line before the seson. Small spools cause line coils, and coils cost you bites.

“Line coils are like a spring, and they will absorb all the subtle movements you make with your rod tip, preventing that action from imparting to your bait,” explains Tom Neustrom, an Ice Force Pro and Freshwater Hall of Fame Legendary Guide.

The longer fishing line resides on a spool, the more “memory” it will have. The more memory it as, the more likely it will be to jump off your reel spool like a spring and ruin your jigging action.

Ensuring line strength is another reason to re-spool with fresh Sufix line before the start of a new season on the ice.

“Not only are the edges of ice sharp, there’s a million things in your ice house, sled and garage that could have grabbed, nicked and weakened your line between the start of last season and when you hung up your rods last spring,” Neustrom says. “If you don’t re-spool, it’s not if you’ll break off a big fish, but when.”

For the same reason, periodically removing some line throughout the season is essential as well.

“You don’t have to start from scratch and re-spool mid-season, but you do want to remove sections of line that get a lot of wear and tear,” Neustrom explains. “Simply peel off 25 to 30 yards every three or four outings, and then re-tie your baits.”

To prevent line twist when re-spooling, lay your new spool label-side down, run the line through a big book to put little pressure on it, and then reel slowly, making sure the line is coming off the spool in a counter-clockwise direction.

Harsh elements demand high-performance fishing line. No matter which species you favor or how shallow or deep you fish for ‘em, there’s a Sufix mono, braid or fluoro line perfect for your hardwater adventures.

Sufix® Ice Magic Monofilament
Made with special additives to prevent water absorption, Sufix Ice Magic monofilament line deters ice build -up on your line, guides and spool. At any time, in any temp, you can count on it to remain soft, flexible and strong. Additionally, it sinks fast for a more natural presentation.


Sufix® Invisiline® Ice 100% Fluorocarbon
Designed with a low-stretch index for optimal hook-setting power, Sufix Invisiline ICE 100% Fluorocarbon spools off spinning reels with ease, while still offering superior sensitivity, strength and handling and abrasion resistance. Hydrophobic, it repels water, minimizing line freeze. Sold in 50-yard spools, it comes in 2 lb. to 7 lb. test in the only color you need, the practically invisible Crystal Clear.


832® Advanced Ice Braid

As open-water anglers know, braided line offers a non-stretch, abrasion-resistant advantage. Ice anglers enjoy the same benefits with Sufix 832 Advanced Ice Braid. Featuring a tight, 32-weave-per-inch composition that includes 7 Dyneema fibers and one GORE Performance Fiber, Sufix 832 Ice Braid is the thinnest, toughest, most sensitive fishing line on the ice.

“I like Sufix 832 Ice Braid for deep-water walleyes, because it gives me a little bit more feel,” Neustrom says.

And it sheds water like duck feathers. “It repels water and ice, so your line doesn’t freeze in your rod guides,” Neustrom says.

Ice Braid comes in 50-yard spools of 4-pound test in a 1-pound diameter, an in 6, 8, 10, 20 and 30-pound test in an 8-pound diameter). It’s available in Ice Camo blue, Neon Lime and low-vis Ghost colors.


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