ICE FORCE Pros Name Go-To Baits For Favorite Frozen Lakes


For every great destination lake in the Ice Belt, there’s a few go-to baits and tactics that produce fish every winter. Following are several ICE FORCE® pro-staffers’ picks for their favorite frozen lakes. Continue reading



On-Ice Report #5, Quintin Biermann: ‘Stacking The Box’ Through The Cold Snap

On-Ice Report #5, Quintin Biermann: Stacking The Box Through The Cold Snap

On the heels of “wacky” weather that’s dropped the Ice Belt into the Deep Freeze, hot spots and patterns have been hard to come by for Quintin Biermann. Still, he’s been able to find some biters in South Dakota’s Glacial Lakes and Prairie Region.

“It’s been tough to keep fish on a pattern, as far as location goes… and what the fish want,” says the ICE FORCE Pro-Staffer and In-Depth Outdoors TV personality. Continue reading



Sufix Ice Lines

Sufix Ice Fishing Lines

When the mercury plummets, you want an ice line that stands up to the frigid temps and remains flexible.

Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to be an ice angler when it comes to fishing line options, says ICE FORCE Pro-Staffer James Holst, host of TV’s In Depth Outdoors. No matter what you’re fishing for, there’s Sufix ice line right for you. Continue reading