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Compact, lightweight and long-lasting, MarCum®’s new Lithium Shuttle can extend a sonar unit’s continuous run time as much as 40 hours. Designed to power MarCum’s new M-Series units and LX-6s and LX-7 digital sonar systems, it includes a 12-volt, 12-amp hour Lithium ION polymer battery. Continue reading



Put Your Christmas-Card Cash To Good Use — Get What You Really Wanted


Santa didn’t get your list? Spouse didn’t get your hints? If you didn’t find what you really wanted under the tree, make the most of your Christmas-card cash and gift cards and add to your ice-fishing arsenal with a new StrikeMaster auger or MarCum digital fish-finder. Continue reading



Match Best In Class Performance With Your Fishing Style


Every Marcum has the attributes and proprietary technology that make it best-in-class. At any price-point, high to low, you can be confident that no matter which Marcum you choose, it’ll be the very pinnacle of engineering and workmanship available for the money. Continue reading



Finding Finicky Walleye With MarCum Digital Sonar Systems

MarCum Digital Sonar Systems

Conventional Wisdom says walleyes can be finicky and difficult to catch. … Conventional Wisdom must not have a digital MarCum sonar system. MarCum’s Bottom-Lock Zoom helps anglers catch the fish other flashers can’t even locate. Continue reading



Upgrade Your Digital MarCum With a Free Download

Upgrade Your MarCum Digital Sonar

When school’s in session this ice season, you’ll be glad the sonar wizards at MarCum are willing to share their homework.

Free firmware updates for the LX-6 [Product 'LX-6' not found!], LX-7 [Product 'LX-7' not found!] and LX-9 [Product 'LX-9' not found!], that can be installed by the angler in a matter of minutes from the comfort of the own home, will crank up the already impressive performance of the MarCum digital platforms. Continue reading



On-Ice Report #3: Chris Granrud, Rainy Lake

On-Ice Report #3: Chris Granrud, Rainy Lake

While others in the Ice Belt may be sitting out this sub-zero cold snap, ICE FORCE pro-staffer Chris Granrud has been out almost every day in one of Minnesota’s most primitive areas, Rainy Lake.

And although this time of year can be one of the toughest to get bit, with cold front after cold front, low oxygen levels, short feeding windows and inactive fish, the RainyDaze Guide Service owner/operator contines to put clients on fish worth writing home about. Continue reading